Shattered Realms is a modern brawler being developed by a small team at the bottom of Africa. We're heavily influenced by a number of fighting games along with titles such as Devil May Cry and the Arc games. What if you could combine everything you love into one package? We aim to find out.

How to Play

Shattered Realms is a combo sandbox that uses a 6 button layout to give you maximum manouverability and control.

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Discover the stories behind the playable characters of Shattered Realms

Stories and movelists

Concept Art Archive

We're Incredibly happy with the work our Art team produced during production and we'd like to share that with you, This will be online soon.

Meet the Team

Who *exactly* is making this game?


The Early Development

How Shattered Realms came about, our communities, and our Free Lives incubation.

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